JOKER'S PACK is a full-service production company creating varied, quality, creative film content for our clients, specialising in short drama, online promotions, and internal communications. 

Check out our showreel below:

Joker's Pack's 'Production Services' Showreel 2015

Joker's Pack's outlook is to create distinctive, challenging drama content, and bring those same creative sensibilities to our Production Services work - focusing on telling engaging stories and achieving high quality at a reasonable cost.

We can deliver all project requirements but our varied client work regularly includes:

- interview-based and other factual content

- documentary

- dramatic scenarios and reconstructions

- territorialisation including multilingual production

- motion graphics

- bespoke filmed content design for e-learning platforms such as MOOCs

- event coverage


With a dedicated Producer assigned to lead on your project through its lifetime, we cover everything from idea and concept generation to all stages of editing and post-production. 

We believe in being respectful of our clients' budget restraints and not charging unreasonably through the nose; in providing quality content at a fair budget, as long as the scale, creative approach, professional rates and direct costs of the project can be catered for.

We also appreciate how confusing or complicated film production can seem if you've never been across such a project before, so we'll happily explain the basics!  


Want to find out more or discuss a project? Get in touch! We're lovely and love a good phone chat.