Joker's Pack Productions has several feature film slates, the first of which is fully in development. We are also developing several high-concept short films and television concepts.


Our first slate of feature projects from Writer/Director Mark J. Blackman, and Producer Producer Roxanne Holman:

The Siren, The Captain, The Sea

Genre: Thriller

Stage of Development: Scripting

© Joker's Pack Productions Ltd.

The Charm

Genre: Black Comedy/Drama/Thriller

Stage of Development: Scripting

© Joker's Pack Productions Ltd.


Genre: Action/Crime/Thriller

Stage of Development: Packaging for finance

© Joker's Pack Productions Ltd.

The Weave

Genre: Horror

Stage of Development: Treatment

© Joker's Pack Productions Ltd.


For more information on Joker's Pack's feature film production slate, please contact Head of Production Roxanne.