Joker's Pack Productions is based in South East London and was founded by Writer/Director Mark J. Blackman and Producer Roxanne Holman in December 2012 - check out their bios below:



Mark is an award-winning Director of numerous short films, music promos and hundreds of corporate videos and broadcast promos. He has worked extensively all over Europe, the US, Asia and Arabia and can occasionally be seen filming on the sides of mountains in Nepal.

Gravitating towards dark dramas, Mark's films have been praised for their stylized visuals, strong female characters, realistic, uncompromising themes and black humour.

His works have screened at film festivals around the world and over the years he has picked up numerous awards from the likes of Promax, The New York Festival and Houston Worldfest amongst others.

Mark is currently developing Teardrop, his intended first feature as writer/director, as well as the other films on his first slate including black comedy/drama The Charm and thriller The Siren, The Captain, The Sea.

Check out Mark's Director's reel below.

Trivia: He was once sworn at down the phone by Robert Duvall in a case of mistaken identity.

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Interview on Write Shoot Cut here.

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Roxanne has a wealth of experience in short-form content production including short film, music video, live event content and corporate video, and was selected for the Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab 2013.

She heads up the client services production division of Joker's Pack and has produced hundreds of films since the company's incorporation in December 2012.

She has also produced or co-produced numerous shorts, often with business partner Mark for Joker's Pack. In April 2012 they completed well-received short, Facial, which has been selected for the likes of Coney Island Film Festival and Bootleg Film Festival NYC among others, and was signed for distribution with Shorts International at Cannes 2012.

Roxanne then produced Silent Treatment (2013) by writer/director Mark Lobatto, starring Lily James (Downton Abbey, Cinderella), and Soror (2014), a Joker's Pack/Springhead Film Company co-production - written and directed by James Webber, and starring Rosie Day, Sian Breckin, Jame Alexandrou and Kate Dickie.

Roxanne is currently working with Mark to develop Joker's Pack's final short films Neon and Chastity, and their first feature film slate.

Trivia: Obsessed with tomatoes.

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Interview on Write Shoot Cut here.